Up with the larks

Who knows whether ‘up with the larks’ refers to the time of day when the birds are most active or the way they soar skywards emitting their glorious song. Either way this morning was wonderful. As we walked across the top of the hill larks were everywhere soaring in to the sky, filling the air with their song. Often they were not visible as they were too high in the sky but that beautiful noise signified their presence.

Below on the ground hares were visible – lollopping around the field and enjoying the warm spring sunshine. Primroses, violets and other wild flowers scattered the ground adding colour to what was winter pasture.

primroses 103Spring 244

Everything is early this year and bluebells are already coming out under the trees and will soon be a blaze of brilliant blue – the most spectacular sight.

bluebells april 239wood anenome 254sycamore 249

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