Walks This Month


Saturday1st January2-3.45pmCroft Road, GoringRG8 9ESOption of tea afterwards
Monday3rd January8.30-10 FASTStoke Row RG9 5QRMeet near the well
Tuesday4th8-9amRocky Lane
Tuesday4th10-11 gentleRemenham ChurchRG9 3DD
Tuesday4th11.30-1Remenham Church
Wednesday5th10-11.30 Mod PlusMill End, HambledenRG9 6TL car park charge
Friday7th2-3.30 modHighlands ParkRG9 4BD
Saturday8th10-11.30 modMaidensgrove CommonMeet the Stonor end of the common
Monday10th8.30-10 FASTMiddle AssendonRG9 6AU Park in road near Rainbow
Tuesday11th8-9Highlands ParkRG9 4BD
Tuesday11th9.30-10.30 gentleNettlebed CreameryRG9 5DA
Tuesday11th11.30-1 modNettlebed Creamery
Wednesday12th9.30-11 mod plusKing William, HaileyOX10 6AD
Saturday15th10-11.30 modWoodcote village hallRG8 0QY
Monday17th8.30-9.45 FASTNuffield ChurchRG9 5SN
Monday17th10-11 gentleNuffield Church
Tuesday18thNO WALKS
Friday21st9.15-10.30 ModRed Lion PeppardRG9 5LB
Friday21st10.30-11.30 gentleRed Lion PeppardRG9 5LB
Saturday22nd9.30-11 modStonorpark in road near footpath to deer park
Monday24th8.15-9.30 FAST NB timeStoke Row ChapelRG9 5PA
Tuesday25th 8-9Greys ChurchRG9 4QB
Tuesday25th10-11 gentleStoke Row OrchardMeet in the orchard the well end
Tuesday25th11.30-1 modStoke Row ShopRG9 5QL
Wednesday26th9.15am half day walkplace tbc
No weekend walk