Walks This Month


Saturday1st June10-12 modNuffield PlaceBring NT card if you have one
Monday1st July7.30Crazies Hill village hallRG10 8LY
Monday1st10.15-11.15 gentleCheckendon car parkRG8 0SP
Monday1st11.30-1 modCheckendon Car parkRG8 0SP
Friday5th8.30 FASTNuffield churchCar park charge
Monday8th11-12.30Nettlebed CreameryRG9 5DA
Tuesday9th10-11 gentleRed Lion PeppardRG9 5LB
Tuesday9th11.30-1 modRed Lion PeppardRG9 5LB
Saturday13th9.30-11.30LeanderMeet outside main entrance
Monday15th7.30Rocky LaneBack gate to Greys Court
Monday15th12.15-1.30 modMill EndRG9 6TL
Tuesday16th10-11.gentleStoke Row wellRG9 5QH
Tuesday16th11.30-1Stoke Row shopRG9 5QL
Friday19th8.30 FASTNettlebed GreenRG9 5AX
Friday19th10-11.15 modNettlebed Green
Monday22nd7.30 amGreys churchRG9 4QB
Monday 22nd10-11.30 mod Nuffield Churchcar park charge
Tuesday23rd10-11 gentleGreys CourtRG9 4PG
Tuesday23rd11.15-12.45 modGreys Court
Friday26th8.30am FASTRocky LaneBack gate to Greys Ct
Friday26th10.30-12 modCheckendon car parkRG8 0SP
Friday26th6-7pm mindfulBix ChurchRG9 6DA
Sunday28th10.30-12.30 mod plusHIghlasnds ParkFaster and hilly
Monday29th9.30-10.30 mod minusMaidensgrove Commonpark the stonor end
Monday29th10.45 - 12.15 mod plusMaidensgrove
Tuesday30th10-11 gentleHighlands Park
Tuesday30th11.15-12.45 modHighlands Park