Nordic Walking

NORDIC WALKING is the fastest growing fitness activity in the world with over 10 million enthusiasts now regularly taking part in what was originally used by super fit cross country skiers as a way to stay fit during the summer.

It’s suitable for all ages and fitness levels, simple to learn and really sociable. By using the specially designed poles, you can use all the major muscles in the body and burn up to twice as many calories as ordinary walking but the best thing is that the poles actually propel you along so it feels easier!

The poles also reduce the pressure on the knees and joints and the gentle upper body movement is great for easing back and neck pain too. It’s so effective that it is being used for weight loss, rehabilitation and sports specific training all the over the UK and those that have tried all agree that being outdoors was energising and that they felt fantastic afterwards!

However it is not simply a case of grabbing a pair of poles and walking with them! It requires the correct technique in order to get the whole body working and it is essential you learn this from a qualified Instructor who will ensure you get the full benefit and fastest possible results.


It can burn nearly twice as many calories as ordinary walking

It reduces the strain on knees and joints

It uses over 90% of the major muscles

It is suitable for all levels

Can be done anywhere – urban or rural

It is great for back, neck and shoulder problems

Outdoor exercise is proven to have a positive effect on the state of mind


As a Nordic Walking UK Instructor and delivery partner I am able to offer Learn to Nordic walk classes and Power of the Poles. Once taught the technique you can choose to walk with any group or on your own. I offer a range of walks either using your own poles or I have a stock of poles for you to borrow.

Contact me to discuss options. 1:1 sessions can be arranged if required.

As an experienced occupational therapist I am able to work with those wishing to use Nordic walking for rehabilitation and those with mobility problems.

All classes are either in Henley on Thames, Goring on Thames or nearby.


For those that have learnt to Nordic walk I have a programme of regular walks in the area and bespoke walks can be arranged for individuals or small groups. Please contact me to discuss your requirements and interests. Walks can be a fitness workout or scenic ‘tours’.


Come Nordic walking in the beautiful Chilterns Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.
Miles of well tended footpaths and bridleways, beautiful unspoilt villages, historical landmarks, wildlife and spectacular views.

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Learn to Nordic Walk Holidays available staying in accommodation nearby from village pubs to 5 star hotels – there is plenty of choice.