Nordic walking through the bluebells

We set off from Bix across the common and into the woods which were full of bluebells, birdsong and fresh green leaves on the trees. The forest floor is still light without the full shade of leaves on the trees and the ground underfoot was ideal having dried out from the recent rains but still soft enough to be easy walking. As we came down toward Bix Bottom farm the tiles on the newly restored barn and the beautiful traditional farmhouse stood out against the green grass and the wheat crop.

The woods towards Nettlebed are a blaze of blue from the carpets of Bluebells all over the woodland. In some other places the brambles have taken over and it shows the importance of woodland management in keeping these lovely places in check. Last week in the woods near Crowsley it was disappointing to see a much reduced show of bluebells due to the encroachment of the undergrowth.

From Bix Bottom we turned up towards Catslip and followed the valley bottom along lovely grassy fields with cattle grazing. The birdsong was wonderful and there were no other walkers anywhere to be seen – we were alone with the wildlife, glimpses of muntjac deer and pheasants. The path eventually turns up a steep hill through wood which had people pausing to catch their breath but then rejoins a bridleway and becomes a wide and level path back toward Bix Common and back through yet more bluebells. Stretches on the common and all felt that they had been well exercised.


valley bottom farm_0563

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