Grape picking day

This autumn has been a wonderful year for all fruit in the area and this includes a bumper harvest of grapes in many of the local vineyards. The leaf colour on the trees and the vines is wonderfully bright and the birds and wasps are still feasting on the grapes that have not been picked.

A smallish team turned up at Brightwell vineyard to help with the harvest and were rewarded by a tour of the works and delicious lunch with the opportunity to taste previous vintages with our meal.

People had come from as far as Wiltshire to join in and thankfully the weather was reasonable and not at all cold. Picking grapes with freezing hands as has been the case in some years it not the most enjoyable experience! The constant chatter speeds the process and friendships are made, information traded and I even learnt all about medicinal honey and how it triumphs over Manuka in its properties and its cost.

The vineyard and its tasting tours are certainly on the map for themed walks in the future!

Arriving to help with the harvest

Arriving to help with the harvest

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