Learn to Nordic Walk in the sunshine

The current 4 week Learn to Nordic walk course has been blessed with warm weather and sunshine to date. Half way through the course and we could not have asked for a better start but I suppose that there is still time for that to change. A group of 6 people are enrolled on the course and not only are they great fun with infectious enthusiasm but they are also quick learners and progressing very well. They will soon be striding through the lovely Chiltern countryside enjoying the autumn colours and motivating each other to become fitter and healthier. Nordic walking can be beneficial to almost anybody whatever their previous fitness level and it is so rewarding to see people enjoying their new found skill. The rolling hills and extensive beechwoods make for ideal walking conditions and the views from the top make it all the better. We all look forward to an autumn and winter of outdoor exercise. Headlamp walks start at the end of the week!

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