Views without leaves

After the recent winds the leaves are mostly off the tress and whole new vistas have emerged as a consequence.
The winter sun continues to offer some warmth and you finish feeling invigorated and refreshed. Animals that are not easily seen when the leaves are abundant and the grasses tall, are often now glimpsed as they sit and watch, or scurry away to the safety of the undergrowth.Today we saw muntjack deer, brown hares and fallow deer plus plentiful birdlife.


swan with tree.JPG

The light has changed and it has been a fantastic autumn with lots of sunshine and beautiful autumn colours. The leaves stayed on the trees so that they could be seen in all their glory. One of the great pleasures of the beginning of winter is walking through the beechwoods with the rustle of leaves underfoot and a gentle sound as they are moved in the breeze.






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