Walk With Me Marathon 2016

When most sane people are still in bed we were doing a warm up routine in a school hall before taking part in the Walk With Me 2016 marathon from Moulsford School near Wallingford.

It was a lovely day in terms of weather and over 200 people turned out to do the walk and raise money for Action for Cancer.
The walk follows a lovely route through the Chilterns and Thames path, though at times it not seem a particularly pleasant thing to be spending your Sunday doing. The comaraderie was evident and stories of bravery were humbling. Everyone had different reasons for doing it and the total I believe this year so far is over £80k which goes direct to the cause and more money is still being donated.

Klaus, Helen and I started together but we always knew that Klaus would speed up and get round quicker.
The first over the line were 6 hours, Klaus was 7 hours and Helen and I managed a respectable 7.5 hours – very relieved to finish.


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