Henley dodging the floods

angel on the bridge flood_0260The floods of the past weeks have brought misery to many local businesses and home owners and the recent sunshine has brought a definite change in mood. It seems only a few months ago that we were basking in sunshine and the river was a gentle stream.

Bridges have been closed causing chaos and potholes abound concealed by the water covering them.
Walking, however has been an enjoyable way of getting around and it is very satisfying when the sun comes out and you return having dodged the latest shower and remained dry. On other occasions a brisk soaking makes coming home even more enjoyable!

floods from bridge 0254

Hambleden mill in the floods_0295

Spring has now emerged and the snowdrops and primroses are providing colour and interest. This morning walking the dogs the larks were soaring skywards with their wonderful song filling the air. We can cast off all the winter clothes and rejoice in springtime.


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